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Jomar Tree Service is Phoenix's complete tree care specialist.
All we do is Tree's - No Lawns - No Flowers

Please don't misunderstand, we like lawns and flowers, but from our experience when you need to take care of your trees....
you're usually better off hiring an arborist, a tree specialist.

All we do is trees!

Trimmed Eucalyptus
We like gardeners..... Just don't let him trim your trees.

...... I'm sure they do a fine job on the lawn and flowers.

Summer seems like it started early this year, didn't it? It did...look around, you'll see several species of trees have started blooming a month early. Palm trees are two months early. This summer really looks like it might take a toll on our trees and plants this year.

Water Deep...Like this:
Place your hose a couple feet away from the base of your tree, turn it on at a rate where the water will NOT run off, let it run for 3-4 hours in each location, move the hose to another quadrant of the tree until the entire root zone has been soaked!

Did you know your landscape can add as much as 20% to the value of your home?
Take good care of all your trees!

Let us know if you see any of the following signs of stress:
Look at the silhouette of the tree against the skyline, do you see dead tips on small branches?
Is there bark peeling off the trunk or limbs?
Do you see splotchy rusty markings
on the leaves?
Are the tips of the leaves dead and crunchy?
Are the leaves yellow or pale, when they were previously dark green?
Are there new suckers growing from the trunk near the ground?
Do you see roots exposed where there were none before?

Any of these signs indicate something is wrong with your tree, call me today and I will provide you a free diagnosis and a free estimate to correct the problem, if applicable.


Send me a clear photo of your sick tree and I will give you FREE advise on what is likely wrong and how you might correct it. I can even give a ballpark estimate of tree trimming and removal.....

Give it a try......Absolutly Free!

Watch this site and come back frequently to see the site expanded to include topics such as:

Watering Techniques

Fertilization Techniques

Disease Recognition

Tree Care by Species

much more!

Tree Services we offer:

    * Monsoon Storm Damage

    * Tree Removal

    * Tree Trimming and Shrub Care

    * Stump Removal

    * Palm Tree Care & Transplanting

    * Sick Tree Diagnosis

    * Deep Root Feeding

* Land / Lot Clearing

We are experienced in the field and stay up to date on the latest Phoenix tree trimming trends through continuing education. 

Call 602-285-0285
email me a picture of your sick tree, I'll bet I can see whats going wrong or at least offer advise......

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