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Phoenix Sprinkler Tune-Up and Maintenance

Sprinkler Start Up

The best time to turn on your sprinkler system in Phoenix Arizona, is mid- February to early April.  We are scheduling 2013 sprinkler turn on's.  Click here to email us for a scheduling call back.

On the first visit of the season we:

   1. Turn on sprinkler main to irrigation system.
   2. Examine each zone and adjust for adequate coverage.
   3. Diagnose any repairs that need to be made.

In our examination we look at head coverage, clean out nozzles, check water pressure and uncover leaks.  If sprinkler repairs are needed, an estimate will be left for you. No repair work will be completed until the estimate is approved.

Pricing for a sprinkler start-up is $95 for up to 8 zones and $10 each additional zone. Call at 602-285-0285 if you have questions or contact us here if you have questions about other sprinkler system issues.

Sprinkler Tune-up

Jomar recommends a sprinkler tune-up at least once a month, from April thru October. The sprinkler tech sets your sprinkler time clock by time of  year. More watering in June, July, and August,  less in April, May, September and October.  The sprinkler tech will also check each watering zone to make sure that it is efficiently watering your Phoenix lawn.  We also offer commercial irrigation and sprinkler maintenance.

Over time sprinkler heads wear out for several reasons.

    * Grass can grow over the heads blocking the sprinkler from popping-up to its full height.
    * Landscape plants can block the spray pattern of the sprinkler head.
    * Debris can block the sprinkler head.
    * Careless mowing can cut some of the sprinkler head.
    * Tree roots may depress the pipe causing water stoppages.

Contact us for a free estimate. 

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