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Tree Removal Tips and Tricks - Hiring a Professional

By Barry Nagassar

What to do, what to do? Whether because of a new building, renovation, or maybe a hazard, the tree in your space needs to be removed. The next question is, "how to do it?" Should I get a ladder and cut it down myself? Or should I take the safer route and hire a professional?

You decide to opt for the professional, not wanting to chance your chainsaw skills. The next step should be the easiest right? Open the phonebook and call a few 'specialists' and compare prices. Easy does it, no more tree, and the weekend to relax. But wait, not so fast, there is more to the process.

This article will provide basic pointers on what to look for and how to choose the right tree specialists for the job. You will find that there is more to tree removal then phoning a few companies for a quote. Can you determine the difference between the back yarder's or pro's? Price is not the only criteria you should consider.

Let's start with some basics. If your removal needs to be done right then spend the time asking questions. Meet the person doing the bid and have a sheet of paper with some common questions on it so you can develop a consistent comparison between competitors. Some of the questions you need to ask are:

-Copy of insurance papers, general liability and workers comensation insurance accident coverage.

-How they will access the jobsite?

-How they will remove the tree? Will they climb it or use a tower or perhaps a crane, etc. The condition of the tree may influence this decision as well as the site.

-How long will removal take?

-Is the climber a qualified persona and how experienced.

-What equipment do they have and are qualified to use (see crane question above)?

-How deep will the stump grind be? (Did you know there was a stump grind!?)

-Will all debris and wood be removed from the site? Is there extra cost for cleanup?

There are many different ways to remove trees with many just as many different types of machinery and individuals skill levels. It can be difficult comparing competitors when you have limited knowledge about tree removal. One thing is for sure, be on the look out for inexperienced operators who want to see other quotes you've received. Don't show them the quotes, instead show them the door.

Generally, a professional palm tree removal or tree removal company will explain the process, their work method, the approximate time the job will take, and then price accordingly. You will know exactly what to expect, they should be prompt, and there should be no surprises. Remember, it is not a good assumption to say a big company will always be a safe and ethical choice.

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