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Trim Your Eucalyptus NOW! Winter Pruning is the Best time to Protect Your Investment!

By Jeff Hill

Are there any trees? A question often asked by clients as they start searching for a home. Many Phoenix citruc orchards and old cotton fields have been developed into single family housing developments. While the flat open land was desirable for citrus or cotton, it does not have the privacy and feel of a thick wooded lot with mature trees.

If you are fortunate to have mature trees on your property, protect your investment!

Eucalyptus are very susceptible to iron clorosis.

What is Iron Clorosis?

Iron chlorosis is a yellowing of plant leaves caused by iron deficiency that affects many desirable landscape plants. The primary symptom of iron deficiency is interveinal chlorosis, the development of a yellow leaf with a network of dark green veins.

There is almost always iron in the soil, but it may be in insoluble forms that are unavailable to the plant. High pH which results in the Iron being tied up in the soil and unavailable to the trees.

How to Manage...
  1. Infrequent, deep watering will help prevent the problem
  2. Select native plants adapted to our soil conditions.
  3. Reduce irrigation to the amount necessary to keep the plant in good condition. This is often sufficient to correct the problem.
  4. Apply available iron to the soil (Ferrous Sulfate or Iron Chelates) Deep Root Feeding
  5. Apply available iron directly on leaves. Foliar Feeding
  6. For annual planting beds incorporate organic matter to lower the pH
  7. It is not practical to try to lower the pH of the soil in which long lived plants are growing
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How to Protect Your Trees

Fungus, viruses and bacteria infect trees that have been recently injured or trimmed. These pathogens are very active in the spring and summer months. Trees should be protected from these problems by trimming properly.

Trim large mature trees now. As a preventative to summer storm damage, have your large trees trimmed now so that heavy, dead branches won't fall during monsoon storm season and break other healthy limbs.

When Planning Construction...

If you are planning to built on your property this spring, plan the construction process to protect the trees. Discuss the situation with your builder and fence off the trees from the base of the trunk to the ends of the branches.

Be prepared with burlap or tree wrap and apply to young tree trunks to keep direct sunlight off sensitive bark and trunks.

Root System Protection

If an large tree is infected on your property or a nearby neighboring property, your trees could be at risk through their intertwined root system. Tree roots travel up to 50 feet out. Fungus can pass underground from tree to tree.

To prevent spread, have the roots cut using a trencher or vibratory plow. The five foot blade severs the roots to protect neighboring trees. Root cutting should be done prior to tree removal.

If you have a diseased tree in your neighborhood, doing nothing is not an option. Ignoring it will cause the lost of trees which directly relates to your property's value.

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