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Articles About Phoenix Tree Services and Arboricultural Practices

We have written and collected tree and lawn care articles to help you in your pursuit of a great looking property. We hope you enjoy them.

  4 Tree Fertilization Techniques
Tree fertilization application techniques vary based on the foliage, tree condition and the time of year.
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The Benefits of Drip Irrigation
In Arizona and the Southwest, drip irrigation is an extremely efficient way of watering because it delivers smaller quantities of water directly to the plant's roots
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This Fall, Give Your Trees Some TLC
They add character to neighborhoods, beauty to rolling hills and depth to flat prairies. Whether they have guarded your home for a few years or even for several decades, your trees need some extra attention this autumn.
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Tree Removal Tips and Tricks - Hiring a Professional
What to do, what to do? Whether because of a new building, renovation, or maybe a hazard, the tree in your space needs to be removed. The next question is, "how to do it?" Should I get a ladder and cut it down myself? Or should I take the safer route and hire a professional?
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Trim Your Eucalyptus NOW! Winter Pruning is Best to Protect Your Investment!
Are there any trees? A question often asked by clients as they start searching for a home. Many Minnesota farms have been developed into single family housing developments. While the flat open land was desirable for farming, it does not have the privacy and up north feel of a wooded lot with mature oaks.
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Is Fall and Winter a Good Time to Trim (or Remove) a Tree?
Fall and winter are a good time to trim or remove a tree for two main reasons. A tree that is going dormant or is already dormant will not become as stressed by a trim. Because work slows in winter time, better rates are usually available.
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Are Your Trees Ready for Summer?
Tree damage that we detect during the fall and winter is frequently caused by not properly protecting your trees in the summer.
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Particulars about Tree Nurseries
Interesting article on tree nurseries. This is for do-it-yourselfers but ArborScape provides Denver tree planting services for those who want some help. Enjoy
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Training Branches to Go Where You Want
Thoughtful article. This is for do-it-your-selfers who are patient.
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Fertilizing Your Landscape
In-depth approach to fertilizing your tree and tree landscaping.
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