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Ash Tree Care - Preventing ash borer and common ash issues.

Here are the common problems with an ash tree.

Ash Tree Health Care - The health of your ash tree is hampered when it is stressed from dryness or is lacking nutrients. This makes it a prime target for lilac/ash borer. A preventative spray will protect the tree from ash borer, recommended in April and May when the insect is flying. Look for small, circular holes in the trunk and curling or brown leaves.

In terms of treatment, an ash is pretty much an ash.   Because of poor soil quality in Phoenix , we recommend a deep root fertilization in spring and fall/early winter for ash trees that are prone to stress. If your ash tree seems robust, doesn't have any borer activity but has some browning of leaves try a monthly deep root watering.

Ash Tree Trimming - Ash trees get overgrown very quickly! Trimming an ash tree is important to reduce competing branches, and help promote helathy branch development.  Compared to other types of trees, ash thinning is crucial to allow  the tree to process energy.  Ashes get nailed pretty hard during monsoon storms, so removing approrpriate branches makes it less prone to breakage.
Ash Tree

Ash Tree

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