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The Benefits of Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is an environmentally friendly way of  watering landscape assets because it delivers smaller quantities of water directly to the plant's roots. This reduces water contact with leaves, stems and fruit of the tree, shrub and native grasses and plants. This reduces the likelihood of foliar or fungal disease.

Drip irrigation drip irrigation diagrameliminates water run-off by putting water to the plant root zone. It is ideal for all types of soil grades and eliminates run-off. Especially if your turf is on uneven terrain or a hill, it is mandatory for the proper moisture to reach the root zone.

Drip irrigation reduces weed growth by keeping the plants wet and the weeds dry. Consistent moisture means less stress on the plants and improved plant growth. You will save a considerable amount of water as only the plant's roots are watered.
How a Drip Irrigation System Works

Drip irrigation systems can be installed in all or part of your landscape. 3/4 polyethylene tubing is placed around the base of the plant. Drip irrigation devices are called emitters. Such devices are easy to install and don't require trenching. These emitters slowly release water based on a timing system.

A qualified landscape contractor is a smart choice to install a commercial grade drip irrigation system.

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