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Cactus Watering Schedule

Cactus native to Arizona need almost no supplemental irrigation. In fact, the best way to kill a cactus is to regularly water it. When frequently watered, the roots of a cactus will rot. Also, a saguaro that is watered will be constantly bloated which causes fissures to develop in its accordion like folds. These injuries will become diseased and fungi and other parasites will eat away the plant, eventually killing it.

However, there are some situations where a cactus can use some water. For example, if there has been a month of temperatures exceeding 105 degrees with no rain then a cactus can usually use a drink. A thirsty cactus can be easily identified because it gets very skinny. In this case, give the plant a good deep soak with the hose and it will be ready for another month of the same weather. Sprinkler heads that attach to the end of a hose work well for cactus patches. This kind of severe weather is more likely in the lower Sonoran desert than in the upper, because the upper is more of a natural habitat for cactus and is cooler and wetter than the lower. Cactus not native to Arizona might need more watering. 

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