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Carob Tree Care

The carob is a long-lived evergreen tree thriving in habitats with mild Mediterranean climates. It grows well in warm temperate and subtropical areas, and tolerates hot and humid coastal areas. Carob and citrus trees have similar temperature requirements but carob tolerates poorer soils and needs much less water.

Areas suitable for carob should have a subtropical Mediterranean climate with cool, not cold, winters, mild to warm springs, and warm to hot dry summers. These Mediterranean-like areas range from approximately 30 to 45 in northern latitudes (Mediterranean basin, California and Arizona) and between 30 and 40 in southern latitudes (Australia, South Africa and Chile).

Adult trees require no winter chilling; they can be damaged when temperatures fall below -4C and can only withstand winter temperatures of not lower than -7C. However, trees can withstand summer temperatures of 40C and hot dry winds.

Carob trees can adapt to a wide range of soil types from poor sandy soils and rocky hillsides to deep soils, but they cannot withstand waterlogging although the root system is usually deep. In areas with shallow rocky soils, tree size and productivity are reduced. The best soils are sandy well-drained loams but calcareous soils with high lime content are also suitable. Carob also appears to tolerate salinity well  reported tolerance to a soil salt content of up to 3% NaCl.

The carob tree is a species that needs little pruning, unlike other fruit and nut trees, which require pruning annually.

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