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Mulberry trees are a sturdy, well regarded species. They have some common problems though.

Mulberry Tree Health Care - We find that a weakened mulberry can be over-run by an air-borne fungus called 'sooty canker', this bark peeling fungal spore is easily identified by looking for dead or barren limbs where the bark is peeling away from the limb. Black 'sooty' looking powder is seen along the affected area and beneath the loose bark. This fungus is cureable, if found in time. The affected limbs must be removed and either a topical anti-fungal spray applied to the tree or injections directly into the trunk of the tree. Improper pruning techniques is the usual cause for this disease. If not controlled  in time it will kill the tree. If your neighbor has sick or declining trees, look out.

If the mulberry's leaves are yellowing, soil compaction or lack of soluble nutrients can create a condition called chlorosis.  We treat this with a chelated fertilization by injection which makes soil nutrients more available to the mulberry.

Mulberry Tree Trimming - You can prune mulberrys anytime of year. If you trim in late winter the sap will bleed.  It's important to make the correct pruning cuts and not leave stubs when trimming. That is doubly true on a young mulberry. If not properly pruned, the tree will be more apt to decay.  The shape of mature mulberry is very hard to change if it hasn't been trimmed. It is NOT necessary to top your mulberry tree. This practice is a carry over from a decades old use of mulberry limbs as buggy whips in Europe.

A mulberry in decline may show signs of dying off from the top down. If the tree was not planted properly or the drainage is poor, root starvation can occur.

Mulberry Tree Removal - mulberry tree removal is pretty straightforward except if your tree has pockets of decay. this can create a hazard situation.

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