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Residential Tree Services

Jomar Tree Service is re-imagining what a Phoenix residential arboricultural business should provide.  Here is how we are different.

    * You are assigned a single consultant to rely on
    * We inspect each and every job to make sure it's done right.
If not.... we make it right!
    * A staff arborist and horticulturist is available to consult on tree care issues

An attractive landscape makes a good first impression.

For friends they feel welcomed immediately....

and you get to take pride in your home.

We provide:
    * Residential Tree and Shrub Care
    * Residential Consulting & Diagnosis
    * Residential Landscaping Cleanup
    * Residential Land Clearing and Lot Clean-up

We have satisfied clients from Peoria to Mesa. If you're unhappy with your current tree company, because they just don't do your trees right...... give us a call and we'll set up a package that works for you.

- Pruning for safety involves the removal of branches that could fall and cause injury or damage to property.  Branches that interfere with the line-of-sight on streets, driveways and sidewalks need to be removed.  Safety pruning can also include the select removal of branches growing into, over and under structures, reducing building maintenance costs.

Send me a picture of your tree and I'll give a FREE evaluation.

Jomar Tree Service • P.O. Box 4803 • Cave Creek, AZ • 85327 – serving the Phoenix metro area – 602-285-0285