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Dear Jeff,
Thanks for all your help. Julian is indeed an artist, and a nice guy as well.
Hope you & your family remain well-

E. Fanfol
Phoenix, AZ 85032


Your crew just finished with my tree removal job and I wanted to let you know that we are completely happy and satisfied with the job. They were fast, efficient, safe, courteous, and careful. Cleanup was well done including scooping debris out of the pool. They even managed to keep the neighboring yard clean. If you ever need a customer reference, feel free to use me. Good job, good price. Well done.
Thank you

Joyce M
S 14th Ave
Phoenix 85045


Once again, I thank you for a job well done. Please send me a paid
invoice for my files. We had our neighborhood meeting yesterday and I
promoted your trustworthy service, handed out several of your cards
and got very good feedback on your work on my trees. This was
definitely a better season to cut as the pitch has been what I
consider light.

Thanks Again.
Nancy - Phoenix


Hi Jeff,
The trees look great!  A shock at first but now that I am used to seeing them, they really do look much better and I know it is better for their health!  I really don't want anything to happen to those trees and after you suggested a good fertilization, I want to make sure it does happen.  Thanks so much.  I was so worried about the guys that trimmed the eucs.....he was up so high and by a rope.  So glad no one got hurt!

Thanks again to you and your crew.  They did a great job and the yard looked great once they were finished!
Peggy B. - Scottsdale, AZ


Sean and Kevin just removed my tree and did a great job they were fast and pleasant to deal with. They left it looking great.

Thank you,

Linda H.  - Peoria, AZ


I am writing to thank you and your crew for your services this past year.  You and your staff did an outstanding job managing the trees and plants on our property this past season.

As you know, we have a relatively new home, with a lot of very old and very nice native Palo Verde and Mesquites.  Some of these trees were damaged during the construction process, and I know without your services, we would have lost more than one of our trees.  The reason we built our home where we did was because of the trees.  I realize the impact of losing a tree and what happens to the value and beauty of our home.  You and your crew have been a very helpful in maintaining and preserving the trees on our property, and our investment.

Through the use state-of-the-art chemicals and fertilizers, I know you saved a tree that we thought we would lose for sure.  Our Homeowners Association thought so as well, as we received a nasty letter telling us to remove it within 30 days.   Nothing makes me happier than to see the trees health continue to improve (and the fact that I can tell my HOA to mind their own business now)!

I appreciate the fact that you supervise every job, and your staff does not cut any corners when you are not around.  I have watched your crews fertilize my plants and trees, spray for sooty chancre, remove a tree, prune branches, etc. and in every case, they did a thorough and complete job, without leaving a mess.  Additionally, the people you have sent out have been professional and courteous, and good representatives for your company.

Please sign us up for your service plan again for 2012, and keep up the good work.

Thanks again,
Gary B.

We had a great experience with tree service recently. We had several trees trimmed in our back and front yards. Your crew chief was very professional and knowledgeable, and did everything that was on the list without me having to re-explain what needed to be done.

When the day was over, the yard was immaculate and the trees looked great, especially our Eucalyptus tree. Your crew was also proactive in grinding some extra stumps that we hadn't even contracted for. I appreciate the attention to detail. Thanks a million!

I will continue to recommend your services to friends and neighbors. Thanks again for your great work.

Dave C.

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