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Tree Trimming and Care

Trimming trees and shrubs enhance safety, health and aesthetics.  Using National Tree Care Standards, best practices for pruning in Phoenix, and continuing education,  Jomar's tree technicians trim your tree based on its needs.  Plus all work is guaranteed.

In the following we pull back the curtain to reveal what we do when we do tree trimming. If you'd like a free quote on what it would cost to trim your tree, contact us.

-Tree Appearance-
When trimming young trees, the emphasis should be on producing a strong structure, preparing the plant for a long, healthy life. It is critical to the long term survivability of some tree types that they be pruned early in their life. Some select pruning cuts made today, can litterally keep the tree from developing a limb that will become poorly attached and separate from the trees years from now. Mature trees are pruned to maintain structure, form, health and appearance. Before you cut a healthy tree down, give us a call, we may be able to come up with an affordable alternative.
Eucalyptus Trimmed
Pruning for safety involves the removal of branches that could fall and cause injury or damage to property.  Branches that interfere with the line-of-sight on streets, driveways and sidewalks need to be removed.  Safety pruning can also include the select removal of branches growing into, over and under structures, reducing building maintenance costs.
Acacia Crowned
-Tree Health-
Trimming for health involves the removal of diseased or insect infested branches, thinning the crown to increase airflow, and the removal of crossing and rubbing branches. Pruning is the best method to reduce the likelihood of storm damage during the high winds and our normal yet fierce summer monsoon storms in the valley.
Shallow Root System
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